Makke - Capripholian Waltz

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Arranged by:
Makke Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
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Andreas Wallström asked me to remix one of a number of SIDs for a release for associated with He was very secrative about it and played me the SIDs over the phone. As soon as I heard this, I knew this was the one I wanted to take on, becuase it's such a weird tune.


I know Drax wanted me to fix a couple of wrong chords in there and I hear them, but when I was nearly done with the remix I actually thought my choise of chords worked better. Call it artistic freedom. ;)


This is one of my own favourites of my remixes.That said, I think Moog topped me. Check out his take on it.

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Don't know if I like it or not.. Suppose thats yellow then. Undecided. Although if you want a job designing music for the next "Rollercoaster Tycoon" mate.. It's as good as yours ;)
Imagine Danny Elfman covering DRAX in the style of The Nightmare Before Christmas or Corpse Bride, and that's exactly what you get here. It's faithful to the original but adds that slightly sinister twist and is great fun. Excellent job Makke!
Haha! Trust Makke to produce yet another wild and wackey remix - top!
Damn I loved this when it was released as a package from the Lets Sroll it! Demo, still love it now, what can I say, im a sucker for fairground/Elfman type music ;)
Fairground music! Holy cow Makke. Impressive effort.
Kinda like it, although it's not the type of music I'd normally listen to.
Well done makke!
Very good work!
Amazing! Sounds fantastic and never boring... Great atmosphere!!
Excellent. Just not my cup of tea in terms of style, but I can't downgrade it much because of that. I want remixes of blockbuster tracks from Dominator, Driller and the like from you Makke.:-)
Reminds me a little of Makke's 2005 Madballs remix. A little too much, maybe! Only "Good" for this one, as this amusement park/circus style is not really something new any more. And a waste of talent, if you ask me!
It's Makke Bungle again! I only miss Mr. Pattons voice over it. The clarinet in the second half spoils a bit.
Hey Makke... I told you to correct those chords... Otherwise a really good remix you got the sound picture that I wanted... Again sorry for being so anal... It's a good remix of a very difficult tune!
Greatstuff, as everyone else say's its got an elfman feel to it and sounds incredibly impressive.
A schizophrenix remix. I don't really like that sudden switch about 1:25 into the tune. The first half is a great carnivale tune. Then the second half is a so-so whatever. I say, drop the second part.
This is bloody amazing!! One of the best remixes I've heard here! So, so tasteful and well arranged!! Elfman and Tiersen, watch your backs!
Nice work as usual! It´s a difficult tune and I like the theme park style. Just the second part spoils it a bit for me. Still this is a very red orange.;)
Kinda weird for sure! :-) Surely has a lot of fairytale style. Not sure if you would really start listening to this again and again in your stereo though! ;-) That's why I gave a only yellow one. But really nicely made.
This is something fresh only some chords don't feel right, otherwise great idea and execution.
Excellent, however not something I could listen all day long.
This tune is a real challange for a remixer! Great effort Makke
Really impressive and different.
Weird. That's all I can say to it :p
Great style. Maybe I'm the only one that like the switch in the middle of the song. Kudos from me.
Nice, but don't like the balancing...
Makke - this is like Lazy jones - you love it or hate it - you know I love lazy jones - so this is amazing - but a second tune with no words - damn - come on, Amazing work mate
Oh yes, Makke goes experi-mental!
Around 1:51 some weird chords, otherwise I love it :)
Beautiful (from France ;) )
Love the original like moog's perfect with a twist

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