Makke - Cauldron 2

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Since It's Binary, Baby! has gone off the radar for a while, I decided to release the remixes here on RKO. I will release one track per month in track order from the album. I decided to remaster the tracks. Not sure if they're better sounding or just different sounding, but they've been remastered from my original Renoise mixdowns.


I've been a big fan of Kraftwerk since my early teens. I listened a lot to Karl Bartos Communication album when it was released in 2003. This remix is an obious nod to I'm the Message from that record.


The lyrics were copied from the game description on the back of the cassette. The sound of the voice was created by feeding a 303 saw tooth into an Akai DC Vocoder plugin. I'm still quite pleased with that vocoder sound.



Where once the tiny cottage stood
A mighty palace, dwarfs the wood
And there within the highest tower
The witch queen wields her mighty power


A rule of evil ‘cross the land
With ghosts and gargoyles close at hand
Her enemies destroyed this night
Yet one remains to set things right


A pumpkin warrior, brave and good
The last survivor from the wood
So go now swiftly climb the stair
And cut a lock of witch’s hair


Seek out the cauldron black
And brew a spell to change things back
Then the hag will know defeat
And thy revenge will be complete

Love it. Depeche Mode meets Kraftwerk meets Makke :-)
Still holds up! Awesome!
Brilliant mate... I've uploaded/ uploading the same thing from remix64 V2. Lets not let history vanish completely.
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A fantastic track from Makke's 2005 album 'It's Binary, Baby!' As expected from a professional album, a professional track. Innovative mix of Kraftwerk (from 'Radioactivity') and Richard Joseph's classic SID.