Makke - Forbidden Forest (Spider Surfin')

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Awesome idea, very good mix... I just wish I had the surf music idea!
Thats so great.... "From dusk till dawn" in perfection... AWESOME!!!! Please, make a longer version...
Great idea!
What a wonderful idea and great arr. But its too clean in my taste, just forget the quantize an add human swing and twisted mood to the sounds.
It was nice to have this as an exclusive for my podcast anniversary show on friday past (march 21st) its short but its funky :)
That is seriously funky. Very "Austin Powers" swinging 60s styled!
Makke always amazes me. The idea alone is the bomb - and the production is kick ass!
Amazing remix! Well done makke!
I wondered where Hank Marvin and the Shadows had gone - its so weird its cool and stunning at the same time - only the freak that is Makke could do this - so so well
Very well done, indeed. But, honestly, I do not listen to any remixes since years. I do not think its a good idea to tear the sids through every and absolutely *every* musical genre. It got boring on rko years ago, and so it is today. Anyway, great remix!
Monkey Island meets black comedy meets Austin Powers..? :D
Great idea and a very good remix, too!
Cool stuff, but way too short.
AWESOME AWESOME!! You got all the sounds right!! Damn.. Dick Dale eat your heart out!!! How did you do it? ! And I vote for a longer version...
As a 1 minute and 22 second clip this scores very high, but as a complete tune, no.
Beach Boys does Paul Norman! The lead guitar is a bit too sharp for me and the remix is too short, but the idea, the arrangement, the mixing - wow!
Sounds too uninspired to get a higher rating, but I love the style. Could have been more to it.
This is so great, spot on sound and style!
Nooo, just when I get into it, it's over! Extended version please!
If Robert Rodriguez ever goes Retro, this is what it will sound like. Great one this here. Maybe a little too short and not to much going on, but I like I like. *repeat*
A longer version, plz! It's great!
Welcome to the Jack Rabbit Slim's twist contest! You spoil us, Makke!
Awesome style!
I'm saving red one for the complete version. This one was only shareware, right?;)
Good, kinda repetitive and short, but otherwise really good :)
I just love the sound of surf guitars! I want to do surfey music too! This genre is a pretty good one to make remixes in, I guess 50% of all surf music is actually intrumental covers of famous tunes. More like this please :)
Too short, otherwise very good one.
Yes it's short - but it's bloody great. Another Makke gem!
This is sooo Shadows! I like!
Cute (like an agent theme)
Great instruments, great melody
Like the idea and music of course
... Spy surf tune? I'm on it :)

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