Makke - Giana Sisters (Mid-Game Spliff)

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Arranged by:
Makke Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
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Not as good as the usual faultless Makke. Although an interesting take - tend to think it's a quickie.
Nothing too original, but got to give it thumbs up for excellent production value. The bass is just right, and the reggae-ish feel is perfect.
Very old skool, great stuff :-)
Very good atmosphere. The low sounding lead gets redeemed in the middle, which is nice. The beginning sound nearly like Sega Sonic Team band (who play Outrun) and that's a great compliment, imo!
Freakin and chillin reggae tune dude :)))) but a little bit to short!
Really amazing...
Cool tune, made my gf dance:)
A bit too much electronica for it's genre. But a nice remix all in all.
I just like it though it sounds a bit unfinished. But great oldskool drums!
I don't like
Sweet! Makke should team up with Gammasutra for this one. Their two mixes combined would make a killer track ;)
Not up to Makke's usual high standard. At least no singing this time!:-)
I you like this one, you're sure gonna LOVE the Great Giana Rastas! I must be a sucker for a reggae remix for C64 tunes...
Don´t know why - but I really slip back in time by listening this tune! Chilling! Marvellous! OneOfAKind-PassThatStick-Reggae-Tune! :D

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