Makke - Madballs (You Told Me They Were Vitamins Mix)

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Arranged by:
Makke Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Fred Gray
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At a pub crawl the evening before Back In Time Live Stockholm 2008, I was standing at the bar when when Fred Gray was introduced to me as the guy who remixed Madballs. Fred's jaw dropped, his arms flew out and he gave me a very warm hug.


This was especially heart warming as this my own personal favourites of all the remixes I have done. I definitely understand that this is not to everyones taste, but I'm not sure everyone appreciates the vocal dexterity this remix required.

Silly sod.=)
Enjoyable and fun. Its not meant to be anymore.. Hats off to makke cos it lightened my day up a little :)
Are you Makke Patton in disguise? Be interested to hear what Fred Gray makes of it, as it's his own favourite tune he composed.
Awesome! Mr. Bungle wouldn't do better...
Weird, strange but a very good remix....
Im not giving this oustanding for any technical reason, im giving it becuase its nothing like you ever heard on RKO and SO original.... Reminds me of Egg from the Bungle album :)
I guess he was very stoned & drunk...
Funny and somewhat idiotic, but hence should play in a different league. It's not good music!
Good work herr Makke :-)
Thumbs up for crazyness
Happy! Excellent performance!
Game music perhaps? Reminds me of Pinbal Fantasies.
Hahahaha!! GREAT idea! :-DDD Reminds me wuite a lot of certain 'mahoney' mad remixes with similar great ideas! :-D Btw: where _is_ mahoney anyways!?!? Wanna hear more of him, too!!:-)
LMAO!!!!! Makke you nutter! :D
Funny! LMAO=Leckts mi am Orsch?:-)
Gets my every time, even after all the years. =D

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