Makke - Qix (Baggy Pants Mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Makke Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Tim Follin
All-Time charts position:
Nice and bright and cheery, kind of reminds me of some of these modern day ska artists as well. Maybe a bit repetitive in parts, but it works well.
A bit more weird guitar chords and this would fit perfectly on any Madness-album (especially the first 1:45). I do miss a bit of Makke-song, though, but that's perhaps since we've been spoiled with that in the latest remixes...;)
Just makes you want to bask in that Makke vibe.... What goes on in that man's head! Top remix... SKA! SKA!
Great ska styled track and cheesy 80's plastered all over it :)
A real Qix on the pants... Geddit? Geddit? Oh, OK then...
This stuff is really happy day like! :) but I don't really like that bass sound...
Very modern day happy ska music indeed.. And enjoyable to listen too whilst the summersun graces us.. Makke does it again.
I expected disttorted guitar there :) Excellent work :) Liked it from start till end. Bassline is like Chemical Brothers... Right?:)
Some instruments are overdriven... I do not get thiz tune... Maybe I should take a nap...
It is very... Well Makke :p
Very nice remake of this not very famous Follin tune, I wait for other follin's remix!
To me it sounds a bit Nintendo-ish. Like it at the start but gets boring at the end.
A solid remix!
This, quite simply, would be a hit. I mean a chart hit. Seriously.
LOL! Coolness.
Definitely something special, with the trumpets, the organ and the steel drum. Not my cup of tea, though.

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