Makke - Quadrant

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Arranged by:
Makke Veteran
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Original composed by:
Thomas Detert
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I always found this Thomas Detert gem to be sadly overlooked by remixers. This remix has been about 17 years in the making as I made a first atempt at it for my album It's Binary, Baby! That track didn't make the final cut though, as I wasn't happy with how it turned out.


This time I wanted to give it a kind of saturated Amiga feeling. When I started out, the track had more of a Lotus Turbo Challenge vibe, which then turned into something more of a Lizardking'ish doskpop thing. Finally, I landed in what is more of a long lost Turrican 2 kind of ditty.


I'm pretty pleased with the result, but the fact that I just kept adding layer upon layer of synths on it made the mixing quite an ordeal. I'm not sure the mixing holds up if blasted at high volumes, but I didn't want to overwork it and lose the Amiga feel that I felt I had going for it.


Anway, I hope you like the track. 😊

This one has a real nice MODish feeling, like an over the top Amiga-track. Always nice what Makke puts out.
Mission accomplished! This totally sounds like an Amiga MOD cranked up to 11! This is probably how the Amiga would've sounded if it had 4 times as many channels.:)
What LaLa said. Very true to what (a probable double-chip A500 would sound like). I have my own troubles in finding the understanding why one would want to recreate the "true" amiga sound, but I think it's awesome that someone actually does it!
Heeey! Makke is Back!

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