Atmosphere (I want to be a pirate Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Mano Veteran
Composed by:
Jeroen Tel
All-Time charts position:
I don't know the SID, but this is a great tune. In a very cool style.
This is awesome. SID music meets Pirates of the Carribean!
Awesome! I can hear the original tune in there, but it still sounds like something from PotC. Technically (sound-wise) it's not perfect, but it's still great!
Lovely fun version. Made me check out the orginal, because, it couldnt be that close to the pirete-theme could it? A very clever and fun version :)
Wow, that is surprising! A mashup between PotC and Atmosphere - and it does work! Very enjoyable, well done.
I could imagine this as background music for a Lego Pirates Of The Carribean video game. But as a stand-alone track, there is not enough substance to this tune for my taste.
Nice idea.
Ahhhhrg... Bloddy good!
Absolutely awesome arrangement.
I just love this. Such a cool take on the SID, and it works so well.
Very nice "ensemble"!
The lack of variation in expression flattens the entire experience and the ending is without any sort of climax, which it really needs. Otherwise, nice idea.

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