Mano - Flashback - Holocube

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Mano Veteran
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Great arrangement. The mix is a bit unbalanced.
I love this tune, but this remix is as flat a pancake,
Something`s missing, just don`t know what exactly. Decent.
I think it's a very nice track. A nice break from all the unz.
Nice work.
Absolutely loved this tune in Flashback!! Thanks for mixing it! Sounds amazing!! . For those who dont like it, I look forward to hearing better mixes :)
I love this piece from Flashback. This mix is missing the punchy bass and dark feel that I loved about Raphael Gesqua's version, however this is a wonderful extended version, with delightful ambient piano at the end. Very nice.
Review by K8-bit


Artistic skill

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One of the standout pieces from the game gets a superb cover here. I've always had a softspot for some of the music in Flashback, this one in particular. The arrangement is clean, and has a bright, embellished piano, as well as some nice layers underpinning it. There have been a few covers of this track, but this is up there with my favourite (name eludes me at present)

If this composer was to cover more of the themes from the game, I would be quite happy