Last ninja 3 (The Good the Bad and the Ninja)

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Arranged by:
Mano Veteran
Composed by:
Reyn Ouwehand
All-Time charts position:
East meets West. NIce western athmo.
Brilliant blend of Morricone / Clint Bajakian and the eastern tradition as rendered by Reyns SID. Top marks.
Interesting adaptation but perfect :)
Great IMHO.
Mano with yet another unique take!
I'm not feeling this. It could be because I'm a massive, picky Morricone fanboy and there's none of that hell for leather gusto in there, it just sort of... Plods. Not sold on the lead guitar sound either. A-plus for concept though.
Love this! Clever idea well done!
Reminds me of Axel Melzener's "Cobra (Morricone Edit)". So the idea is not new. This tune is fun anyway!
Very nice style and great effort on capturing the old western feel! It actually works pretty well with the tune.
A big yes to diversity. Fun track. I enjoyed this concept. Guitars have a little plasticly feel but that's no biggie.
The western style shines through and works so well for this tune
Agree totally with maindrian here. This sounds too lazy and lame for a proper Morricone tribute.
Hmm it sounds to dry for Western Style...
Idea: 10/10. Arrangement: 9/10. Instrumentation: 8/10.
Well, not exactly Morricone, but hey - A Fistful of Ninjas anyway
Brilliant idea and I really love the concept, maybe it sounds a little dry but I don´t care. I have a soft spot for Western-themed tunes, simple as that. Wonderfully done.
Quite spaghetti mix, a bit synthetic.

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