Simon the Sorcerer Main Theme (Remake-Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Mano Veteran
Composed by:
Media Sorcery
All-Time charts position:
This is beautiful stuff. I don't knw the original, but this is a very nice piece of music.
Very lovely. Technically flawless.
Not extremely original arrangement but who cares. I love the smooth, soft instrument kit you chose, it's made this song sound even more cute.
This is absolutely amazing! It makes Simon's heart-warming theme feel even more fuzzy than it already is.
The very first Simon Titeltheme here on AmigaRemix. And what a great one this over here is. Very close to the "red one". DOWNLOAD IT! X)
Loved the original. This is better. Love it! An excellent début.
Another great song from you. I just found you today, and most of your songs as a nice happy feeling to them. I really lite the "simpleness" in your songs.
Cute arrangement, but not up to what I wanted for this nice Simon tune. I'd rather have Western concert flute flute for the the second movement and the punchy drum-line of the original.

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