The Settlers - Main Theme

Track info
Arranged by:
Mano Veteran
Composed by:
Markus Kludzuweit
All-Time charts position:
Nice instruments but a bit boring. Nothing really happens. A bit more action and dramatic parts would have been welcome.
For what is there, it's a little bit too long. But it's nice instrumentated, I like it.
Good job
Even though its carbon copy of the original, original is still 10x better. Nice effort though.
I love it, just like the original. Very easy listening.
Too long but nevertheless a nice piece of work.
Music play and... Few settlers working :)
This is a great version of one of my all time favourites. I just to play along with the song on my keyboard and I could do the same with this one. Super cool version to play with!
I think it's well done, near at the original, very classic. I always play it when I've need to calm down :D
Sounds alright, just doesn't blend that well.

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