Break Thru (your eardrums mix)

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Fred Gray
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So, I listened to Mr. Fred Gray's magnificent Break Thru a few times and I just couldn't help getting this ProgRock vibe. Guitar with a lot of delay, fat syncopated drums and a grungy Hammond sound in unison with a Rhodes

It was mastered using headphones, hence the strong top-end so I made a much stronger mental note to never use headphones again while mastering.


All was done Inside The Box.


Enjoy folks!

Marcel Donné is back! :D
Serious work! Personally I do not like the original but you made
Very nice!
Very Cool this Marcel. Great work.
Agree with the treble content but it's still fun all the way and the style kicks major ass. Awesome fit to Fred Gray's rock SIDs. Guitar feels to be samples in places but I might be wrong. Nice tone anyway!
My first thought: Unusual style for Marcel Donné! From 0:46 on: No more thoughts, just goosebumps! Added to my collection.
Suddenly I understand this tune :)
Funky! It captures the 1970s "Streets of San Francisco" vibe that I imagine Fred Gray was originally after perfectly.

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