Marcus Geelnard - Comic Bakery (noisy bakery)

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Martin Galway
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To be honest, I've never played Comic Bakery (to this day). However, I heard the same awesome Galway tune in the game Top Gun many years ago (actually, the music was the only thing that made that game playable, iirc).

I was hesitating to make a remix of this tune since there are already several other great versions of it that kind of makes any new remixes redundant, but as the general consensus seems to be that there can never be too many Comic Bakeries - here's another one, so enjoy! (or not)

Anyway, hope you like it!

Good interpretation of the original with some sharp defined sounds. Drrrty too!
A heavily remixed tune, making it hard to find a new angle to tackle it from. This does the trick though. Well done! This is what Comic Bakery would've sounded like if Future Freak composed it!
Like this one a lot - well made and with some really good sharp punchy sounds. It takes a lot to make a familiar remixed tune listenable but this one does hit the spot.
Pretty cool tune, but the snare seems to have gone all Lars Ulrich St. Anger on you. :p
How on Earth did you find a fresh new way to remix this tune in an ocean of Comic Bakery remixes? Mission accomplished, though, that new hook you put in there hooked me! Quite enjoyable!
Seriously worth listening to
Good and original stuff. A little over the top considering overall presence on mastering but still nice.
Woah! Never thought there might be another _really_ cool and stylish comic bakery remix yet again!! Kewl one!
This is a really kicking version of this classic. Well done!

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