The Last Ninja - The Palace (synthful remix)

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The Last Ninja - The Palace (synthful remix)
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Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees
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This is my second C64 remix (the first one was four years ago - also a Ninja tune). I was inspired to make this tune - The Palace (ingame) - after watching a youtube grab of The Last Ninja, remembering that The Palace was one of the tunes that made the strongest impression on me when I first played the original game many years ago.

The tune was made entirely in MadTracker (running under Ubuntu/Wine). I'm using some standard VST synths for the baseline, and the beat is a mix of a few drumloops from Looperman and my own beats.

For a long time I only had the first 2:15 minutes of the tune, and wasn't really sure what to do with the last, rather fill-out:ish part of the tune (at least that's how I envision how the original was made). After trying a few different beats it all fell into place though, and now I am actually quite satisfied with the 2:50+ part - hopefully it expresses the aggression of the original & the game itself.

I hope you don't mind the custom 1:25 - 2:20 part too much. I had it in my head and just had to put it in there somewhere...
Pretty good rendition of one of the original Last Ninja tunes. The lead tends to cut through you at the start, but the beat gets you going from 1:15 onwards. There's also a few mixing problems where the instruments are bleeding a bit. Quite jolly though!
Real good remix. Almost very good... Just the tune isnt my cup of tea.
Not bad, close to "very good". Quite enjoyable remake.
I don't just like the idea. I LOVE it! But the rather bad pitch-sliding at the beginning and end and the mixing issues kept me from giving an orange. Here's a banana instead. :P
Its almost very good, its the first half of the track ( so well captured ), all the bendy sounds are clever but I was wanting the big arp melody to appear and it didn't, but great stuff besides :)
I just can't get enough of those Last Ninja remixes!
Nice Instruments and mixing! Well done!
This one took me back. Great feel of the original and great repetitive baseline.
This is Superb, nice one.
I really like this version of it, despite some mixing issues maybe I still gave it an orange! (although the original SID is simply one of the greates ear-catchers ever from the c64-history anyways...!!)
The instrumentation sounds very cheezy. So, even though the arrangement is very enjoyable, I just can't rate it highly.
The high pitched lead hurts my ears... Quite boring imho.
Not too bad at all. It's quite well made and the arrangement is fine.
Not outstanding from the mass of Last Ninja remixes, but a very good solid version!
Very original, but wonderful sounding, I love it!
My favorite last ninja tune!!! Great work! I love it
Very good work!
The instrument selection is a bit off, some of them even sound "cheap". But the arrangement is simply golden!

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