markg - Parallax Melody (alto sax)

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markg Adept
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Starts out really really nice, but when the sax kicks in, everything's ruined. Not only the playing is bad but also many wrong notes from other remixes have found their way into this one. Remixes should be based on the original SID, not on other remixes.
This was one strange parallax-mix...
The intro is nice, but too long, and sadly as mentioned, the sax - while a nice idea, suffers with bad timings and wrong notes, which ultimately ruin everything.
The instruments don't do anything that interesting, and when the sax finally kicks in, it's just too late. And it's out of tune in parts, which is a cardinal sin.
It's a good idea in need of a lot of refinement. I would concentrate more on improvizing the sax lead rather than trying to stick to the original too hard.
Quite nice... But the question remains if dance and sax should be mixed...
I'm going to give this a very good simply because it's nice to hear a live sax solo with a bluesy feel & sounds a bit like its from a David Lynch Movie:) If the Sax was more in tune and the beginning wasn't so long b4 the Sax it would be excellent!
Again the notorious wrong notes kill this one.
Review by iolo


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

The good: I like your attitude -- submitting a remix again after some very unfair reviews of your previous efforts.
I also like the sax's timbre for this melody. But are you sure this is alto? Sounds at least tenor to me.

The bad: I think your skills at the instrument can't follow the melody quite well (no offense). Also, I think a more appropriate rhythm would be a better fit. The melody and the sax are too melancholic for this dance rhythm.
Finally, I think it should be more concise (which would fit the "parallax melody" label more precisely). In the original, the previous segment of the tune settles the mood for this segment (in a quite remarkable way, I should add). Without that segment, the first couple of minutes of your remix--while waiting for the sax--gets quite boring.

In sum: I'd recommend to keep practicing and re-submitting the remix in a couple of months.