Markus Holler - Moments of Everydayness

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Stunningly crystal clear and extremely proffessionally made. A tad on the forgettable side musically though - but you have to admire the quality.
A really nice version of a DRAX tune, done with all the emotion and feeling that DRAX puts into the SID recording. Luscious.
Musically this is outstanding but for me the fake drums and sax ruines it for me
Holy Holler!
Gotta love how this sounds, with the acapella stuff going on + the instrumentation it works very well, have no complaints here
Sounds like a title tune of a 90s sitcom. A good sitcom indeed. Crawled smoothly to my ear and won't get out fpr a while.
An excellent cover of yet another great Drax Sid tune.. Top quality!!
Synth sax really suxx... Waiting for a 2nd edition...
Nice tune, but horrible old style midi-ish sound.
Easy to listen, very good arrangement
I just love the sound of this track. Excellent work
Beautifull, but nothing more for outstanding... :D
Great music! Anyway I don't give it an "outstanding", because of the average quality of the midi instruments.
Wanna be moog? Nice try, but timing issues and the sax-like sound spoil this one for me.
The actual tune is great but the really fake sax take its from amazing to only very good - but a real sax would have been outstanding
I don't like the middle part and the sax(? ). Start and end is superp for me.
Nice jazzy mix. This would work perfect as a sitcom title theme. In fact, it sounds familiar to me from some American sitcom. Hmm... Jazz fans will enjoy this one, no doubt.
Damn it! This would have been soooo great... Until the lousy sax-sample came in! It _really_ ruins a lot like others already said here before. The drums are quite ok so far in my opinion. And the part around 2:30 feels a bit uninspired for me.
Nicely done.
I know it needed a lot of production skills and effort but almost all "real" instruments sound sooo artificial.
The music behind this one is great. The instruments are not.
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Very high marks on the artistic and technical scale, no doubt about the professionality behind this remix. On the other hand, it is also quite hard to enjoy - this is sophisticated music, not fit for casual listening.