Markus Schneider & Romeo Knight - Mutants

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  • Orchestral arrangement and programming: Markus Schneider
  • All guitars, bass and drum editing: Romeo Knight
  • Live Drums: Antonius Grützner
When Markus and I were searching for an appropiate SID to remix we finally came to Mutants because it contains enough musical content to do justice to our both very different musical affinities: Epic orchestral style and heavy guitar driven rock music (in short terms). It was quite clear from the beginning which part mainly could be done in which style.
The result is an epic classical piece/metal crossover with absolutely no part getting repeated during the song. Thanks go to Fred Gray for the inspiration!
Please enjoy!
As much as I want to give it a red, it just seems a bit disjointed in between sections. I love the orchestral bits, and I love the guitar, but it feels like a few mini pieces rather than one complete one. Tweak it and it'll be red from me.
Shame, both "parts" of this mix are great but sound like they were glued together with blu tac, perhaps if the two had been released seperately to compliment each other it may have been a better idea
Agree with both Waz and Dan in stating that it feels glued together but individually they stand out.
Whoa this shines. Rock and symphony create a nice contrast. A masterpiece.
This shouldn't really work but it does on so many levels. It does kind of feel like the rock part is glued on the first listen but after the second listen it is fine
A bit clichè, good audio
A refreshing take on this classice GEM, which more people would remix it. Releasing this track as two seperate versions would have worked as well.
Interesting style
Pretty much the same as everyone else have said.. Individual these parts are great but they need work to work Together!!
Great tune, feels great mixed together!
They DO fit together! Exellent! It sort of reminds me of tubular bells... :D
This is one of those remix that would make me insult some other voters, but I will behave :)... It has only one BIG flaw imho: it's too short. MORE, MORE!
Exceptional work. Respectable bitrate (yes, it matters!!! ). Energetic and grandiose fusion. The bits could be better fused together, but very cool work guys.
Ahh fish, I like this, it reminds me of a film soundtrack that you've bought on cd (where the whole thing is played as one track and it just jumps about) it works fine to my ears... Magical.
I don't know what this is. But it's grrrreat.
I am not too much a fan of these orchestral-metal things, but the guitar parts are outstanding
I'll give it a red :) The orchestral parts just feel too quiet and lax. The transitions could have done with some raw percussion building up or trailing off. Markus needs to use instruments with much more Attack; Romeo's parts are outstanding however.
I like it....
Devilhood said: "Markus needs to use instruments with much more Attack; Romeo's parts are outstanding however. " - My thoughts exactly.
Cool; finally someone covered sucesfully one of the C64 songs I didn't believed it would be possible to cover...
So close to a red one, the guitar playing is great.
Quite red, but not exactly. The blending does not fit 100%, some orchestral instruments sound too artificial to me, but guitars are outstanding.
Epic... A bit rough on the guitar to my taste...
Dejà vu arr
Good for both parts (the orchestral and the guitar one)
This reminded me to some great power metal stuff.
Wow! More please! How about a remix of 'Hysteria' in the same style?
Fine stuff...
Guitar is very good, orchestral is not properly the best
Dudes! Listen to it a FEW times... And you'll LOVE it when the orchestra goes into the rock-part at ~1:25min.!!! Really a great effort here! Even the orchestral parts don't sound too 'midish' this time. Really nice mixture though! Cool work!
The orchestral part sounds too artificial. Guitars are Ok, almost Good.
It's marvellous
A good mix between two differing styles there!
Excellent mix of symphonic and rock'n'roll, but the individual sections sound a bit disjoint to me disrupting the flow of the tune. Otherwise, an excellent remix.
A little rough around the edges, but great to have a quality arrangment of the amazing original!
I prefer b. Commando to this rmake..
Well done :)
Wiedermal das Geilste wo gibt :-)
Great work, first part movie second guitar
You managed to make the most scary and spooky tune on C64 (to my then 5 year old brain) into an awsome track that I quite like
Very good guitar play. Hats of to mr Knight as usual. But the rest should have been done much better. But not a shabby ending to the remix year of 2006.
Gouyiii gouyiii tojokkkk haaaaaaaa goood!!!
What a style-independent stuff. Yummy :)
Outstanding! Best remix, sounds great!
This tune bring back memories of the happy eighties
Love this. Yes, it's an odd hybrid, but it definitely works for me.
That's a f#*kin' masterpiece! RED!
My favorite remix of Mutants next to Reyn's version.

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