Markus Schneider - Enlightenment - Druid II

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What you can hear is simply what I had in mind for some years, Druid II as an orchestral rock style like Zimmer's Pirates is. I started just before X'2014 in Someren and finished it some days later. In fact it may be a big dissappointment for some people, but first time I heard / saw Game of Thrones was in April 2015, so way after this remix (late, but still stunned by the series btw.).


Thanks a lot that most of you liked it because it was a lot of work. You made my day!


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The Hans Zimmer version of Druid II
Good one it fits the game well.
... Gives me a lot of Game of Thrones vibes - in a very good way!
Really nice take on a C64 Classic. Reminds me of something Glyn R. Brown would do. Just Incredible!
He's back with really top notch orchestration and mega pro hollywood sound. I waited soo long for a new release. More please!
It gets a red face, but... That 'cello with its own room reverb against the more open reverb of the rest of the mix sticks out like a sore thumb.
Nice take and realy great hollywood sound.
Cinematic! Epic! Orchestral! Welcome back, Markus!!!
This is Great. Cool Remix.
This is awesome on so many levels…
Just aewsome!
This is incredible!
Man I must admit that in general I greatly dislike orchestral remixes. At least the ones that are not created with so much expertise like this one. It blasts the rest out of the pool (sorry guys). Kudos Markus!
Markus.... This is just simply STUNNING mate... And you have moved up in the Orchestra arrangements for sure, love your past work but this is just STUNNING.... Well done
Well, what more can I say when everything is already said. OUTSTANDING.
Great work! Another for the 'cant believe that's a C64 remix' playlist for the family :)
Holy Shnikeys That's awesome... Angels and Demons meets Pirates... Some of the 'machine gun' strings bother me just a little. Other than that though... Nice... Very nice, definitely a red from me :)
I really, really want to like this very much, but there are two things bothering me; It is over compressed on the loud parts and the orchestral stuff is a bit thin for the power it felt like Markus wanted to go for.
Markus has always been a fantastic musician and all thats changed over the years to me is the increase in production values, great stuff as always.
It's nice orchestrated with a good quality but somehow its also very boring
Wow! I mean, WOW!
Markus Schneider is back, better than ever.
I never liked this artificial orchestra stuff, and I still don't like it. Cannot give any more than gray for this kind of music!
Too "Game of Thrones" theme inspired, but I seem to be the only one hearing that way. Nice but not as original as the older tunes sorry
A think 90 % of all tunes here are only transcriptions of the original tune - but this is a real great remix
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Ok, this is a first class orchestral hollywood stuff like Hans Zimmer and Co are doing. If you like orchestral stuff, you will love this remix! Every part flows well into each other. needless to say you want more with every single second. It reminds me to the Pirates Soundtrack which is orchestral rock. Give us more!