Future Knight

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Ben Daglish
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Do you believe that i absolutely disliked Ben's tunes during 1986 to 1992. Nowadays i love most of them. Weird, isn't it ... ?
Great production and mixing. Jut another great one...... Might as well just cut and paste with this guy!
The instruments suck! But the overall impression is not bad at all!
Good version, lack of bottom and mids in mix.:)
Review by infamous


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I am totally biased when writing this review.
future knight is by far my favorite sid of all time.
And markus also happens to be one of my favorite sid artists too (rolling ronny springs straight to mind) so hearing this again really does tickle the right places for me.

Where to start? the composition is near flawless but that is to be expected of mr shneider, the sound quality is superb, this is pretty much more of a cover than a remix, so if you liked the sid like i did hearing this is like getting the ps2 version of the game with an updated soundtrack.

Personally its probably my favorite remix on RKO, if you've never heard future knight then it might not be to your taste(it being a ben daglish tune)and he was never one to conform to the boundaries of what was around at the time.
Its well worth a listen if you enjoy orchestrated music.