Markus Schneider - Genloc

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Really nice themed remix with alot of warm. May have been a tad critical in the past that Markus's work just lacked a bit of feel but this remix certainly has addressed that very well.
I am not familiar with the Genloc SID but I am almost positive that Mr Detert would have wanted it to sound like this. Great remix but not outstanding next to previous Schnieder releases
I know a lot of people dont dig the orchestral style but it gives me an erection and between Markus and Glenda things dont get any better :) Love the seemingly Batman styled start and a superb working of the original SID, top marks Markus
Menacing intro, careful stereo positioning of the instruments - flawless orchestral piece!
I've always been a sucker for orchestral scores from movies and some game scores and this one fits quite nicely up there amongst them. Great work, Markus!
I just wish I had a bigger speaker-system!
The scoring is brilliant
Another FANTASTIC production from Orchestral Master!!! I don't know the original but still a VERY BIG FAT RED ONE from me.
Oh wow. Nothing left to say but great.
Well.. All the work has finally paid off I think markus m8, this is your finest work to date, a beautiful sounding tune that brings a tear to the eye.. As proffesional sounding as one could get.. One word AWESOME.
I really enjoy orchestral arrangements of SIDs and Markus has pulled it off again. A beautifully crafted, warm and flowing 4 minutes of loveliness. Just keep 'em coming Markus. Fantastic!
A remix near perfection..... I love the intro, I love that epic feeling.... Great work markus!!!!
Awesome as usual :)
Too short... See "review"
It's really warm now, I had previously listened to the 90% finished version but now this sounds a lot better. It gains that extra oomph and passion for the original SID.
Hugely cinematografic, hugely MS :)
I like this very much (no obvious orchestral samples) but I always think I need to have a moving picture listening to this.
Well, way better in sound an arrangement than several orchestral mixes before though! It has surely some atmosphere and depth. Doesn't sound so 'midish' like many other trials in that section...
Verry Nice Tune!
I closed my Eyes and it felt like a theme of some unfilmed Terminator Part ;) Cool!
Great! Although it seems to... I dunno... Miss something. A climax or something... Still, I love it.:)
My God Absolutely OUTSTANDING :)
Go for Hollywood, man!
Understated and elegant triumphalism. Intelligent and mature. Perfect.
Nice "theme" track, could easily be a part of some american "I-Am-Here-To-Save-The-World" crappy film. There is a strange hiss that ruins it a bit, though (something like a broken hairdryer)
Sounds too artificial to me. Aside from that, good orchestration.
Sounds familiar.. Worth a look at Trevor Jones Promentory from the OST The Last Mohican :), but nice work!
Powerfull work... Very nice!
Brilliant remix, very touching climatic.
Great atmosphere. Someone really should make a beautiful movie for that :)
Simply beautiful. Inspired, soothing....
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The original SID was unknown to me... and I guess it will never reach the "most favorites".
I think it (the tune or Markus) got lost on the technical aspects ... I feel emotions but they do not come out... they are hidden... Why, i can't even guess... Maybe the weather is so depressing and contra-productive for artists.
I wish he would've concentrated much more to transport emotions.
Why is there this awefull background noise, especially noticeable on the beginning/end of this tune?