Markus Siebold - Epos (Turrican Symphony 2004)

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I like it, very nice...
Can see what Markus was trying to do and its good but the lead gets lost in the swirling chords and there aint no bite
I like it too! Since Markus also composed this tune, he gets a few extra points to score the red smiley from me :)
It's a very different rendition of the victory theme for sure. It does take a while for the lead to come in, and that might put people off. And it's a lot slower than the original. Still nice though.
This so reminded me of jarre's industrial revolutions, but without any real dynamics or punch. Shame really, cos this could have been bloody awesome with a bit more bite! As it is it's a bit dull
I miss some action
Could have been more aggressive (wasn't it supposed to be a victory theme? ) but it's nice & reminds of JMJ...
Nice but without punch, why only 128kb? (lame --vbr-new -q 2 -V 2 -m j)
Sounds a bit like "The road to hell (part 1)" by Chris Rea
The intro's a bit long, but I like it! - Goosebumps all over...
Excellent, one of my all time favourites.
Nicely instrumented and quite pompous, taking into account that this is just a synth orchestra! Epic? Nope! But well done!

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