Markus Siebold - Vivian Coop Demo 2007

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Very nice remake of his own tune!
Pretty nice, but also quite muddy in the mix: too much reverb and some distortion on the drums. Needs better mastering!
Overall, very cute.. But unfortunately for me the lead seems to blend into the backing (too much reverb) which makes it hard to enjoy the melody
Agrees with Tas.
A "good" for your technique, a very good for the score. So I decided to rate it very good because technique isn't everything :-)
Ouch! This mix is so bright, I need sunglasses to listen to it! Waaaay too many bright instruments, way too much reverb. It was hurting my ears so much I couldn't wait for the tune to end.
A little loud and a little TOO floaty sounding, there is a bit of distortion and clipping going on because of that over floaty sound but its still quite nice to listen too
Strange, muddy, smearish sound picture. Me no like!:-(
Excellent SID! And nice work on remix. Strings are occupying everything.
Nice atmospheric ambiance, but gotta agree with others that it all sounds too bright and shimmery for its own good.
A nice tune marred by the poor volume levels. The instruments all just blend into each other making it hard to distinguish anything.
I'm very sorry, but the heavy reverb ruins it all...
Like this "aspiration-feeling"

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