Martin Dodd - Speedway Intro (Subpop Mix)

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Speedway Intro (Subpop Mix)
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Martin Dodd Veteran
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It's quite well made and has alot to offer but despite that I found the mix somewhat tedious to listen to. It's one of those tracks you appreciate but don't really want to listen to again.
This could have been really good but just doesn't quite make it, the synths and guitar just dont work together well
Its rawk aint it, its a little on the tinny side (there doesnt seem to be much in the way of a bass signature) which kinda ruins it but overall its a pretty nice tune.
At first it was rocky, but it got a bit reptetive.
Didn't quite like the sounds (especially guitar) but this one has potential up to "very good" with a little more work.
The guitars in this remix are very good, the brass is the weakest part and the synths are so-so. I like the arrangment, just not how it's executed.
2nd part is better, instruments... So-so...
I don't know is it 'cause of mastering or dirt in guitars & hats - it simply doesn't work. Synths are OK. They do a good work.
Loud and annoying! Too distorted! Sounds like he was in a metal tube when he recorded this.
I should take your advice and listen to something else... :-) I like the guitars, but as stated above the whole arrangement don't really work as a piece.

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