Martin Dodd - Spy Vs Spy (0064 & Counting MIX)

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Spy Vs Spy (0064 & Counting MIX)
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Martin Dodd Veteran
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 The inspiration for this track was 007 and Counting- a track from the Diamonds are Forever soundtrack by John Barry. It was done using mainly a Korg I4s. The track was put together quickly. The harp ending is actually a mistake. The onboard sequencer didn't delete that part and when I came to record on that section, I came to it and I felt it sounded OK so I left it in. 

Not too much wrong with this remix but it needs mastering. Great idea with the accordian lead...
An interesting idea, but the execution lets it down somewhat. It plods along a little too slowly for me, and some of the instruments stick out a bit too much in the mix. The accordion lead is a different idea and on the whole that works. Tweaks needed
Has great potential, needs more work. It's a bit thin in composition (pretty much just bass, chords, lead). Liked the harp bit at 2:39
Nice, but some of the instruments ruins the feeling.
Good effort, needs more liveliness.
Like the instruments choice.. But the samples are a bit to unprofessional.... Sounds like a MOD/XM
Hmm.. Couldn't really decide between grey and yellow now! It's a nice idea here but it somehow couldn't catch me in general. Maybe it's a bit too slow or the mixing isn't that well to get me into it. Not really sure. Although the accordion lead is a nice.
Comparing with original. I must say, that's very good.
Nice, but a bit slow for my liking, causing it to have a tragic/sad atmosphere. (was that intended?)
It's ok. Unlike some other people, I really don't like accordions, so for me that was destroying the whole thing
Stings & "accordion" sounds steril, so they ruin the tune a bit...:-(
Accordion sound is a nice idea, but overall I'm not very impressed by it. Like with many other remixes, the basic idea is good, the execution is so-so.
Reminds me more of the War Games (movie) soundtrack...
Starts promising but ends experimental. I like the way the chords are much more explicit than in the original version, gives the whole thing a Cobra feeling. But the climax that the first half of the tune is working towards is missing.

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