They Stole A Million (The Guvnor Mix)

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Arranged by:
Martin Dodd Veteran
Composed by:
Ben Daglish
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As soon as I heard this sid tune by Ben Daglish it reminded me so much of The Sweeney so I just had to try and capture that style in this remix.  For this remix I was able to play guitar and my trumpet (with some synthetic brass) for a more live sound.

Here is a video to accompany my remix!





They Stole A Million (The Guvnor Mix)
Oi geezer thats a diamond stewed prune you've done innit mate, The Sweeney would be proud a'ya!
Cool staff!
That's because the SID is a cover of The Sweeney now heh ;) Really nice cover mind you...
Very good version!
Very nice
Review by NecroPolo


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

I totally believe in fight with opened helmet approach so I admit if I was wrong

With this remix, that is the case.

I mentioned plastic orchestra in the shout before. Well, as it turned out, the instrument that you can hear here is a real trumpet, supported with synth brass. The layer of plastic orchestra totally tricked my ears. But, why is that important - and why is it important to change the comment?

Because real instruments have souls. They require much time, skill, heart, care and attention. Without all of that, they just make noise and don't sing.

I have a full respect of this. It just deserved a more detailed feedback.