Zub (Strip To The Bone Mix)

Track info
Zub (Strip To The Bone Mix)
Arranged by:
Martin Dodd Veteran
Composed by:
David Whittaker
All-Time charts position:


This tune is from the teleport stage of Zub.  I've set it in a 12/8 time signiture for a sultry feel with my Semi Acoustic Guitar recorded though my Boss VF-1. 

I was very suprised to see the reaction this remix has got.  It is a nice suprise so thank you to everyone for those nice comments.  Glad you enjoyed it!  I guess this was my David Lynch phase I was going through!  I took inspiration from the track The Pink Room and its from the soundtrack of Fire Walk With Me.



This is nicey nice stuff!
Hey, this was actually quite good!
I have no idea how this is 64 related, but I like the raw feel to it.... Nice track.... Great for a muggy, rainy, steamy, slightly intoxicated night
Great track, very Zooropa-esque...
Lovely, dirty, smokey, sound. It puts images in my head of vast, grinding, steam belching machines. It sounds HUGE.
Great stuff!
Interesting, rather enjoyed that :)
The distorted leads (guitars? ) cannot convince my, but still a very good remix!
Nice grungy swamped atmosphere.. But somehow it just doesn't go anywhere, it's too monotone to get a red smiley.
A keeper, heavy sound :)
Different and very enjoyable.
The power of very good mixing
Great stuff, inventive, evocative, sweet. Can't wait for more remixes by you Martin.
Right up my alley!
Dark & heavy...
Different! Well done!

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