Matteo Bosi - Bubble Bobble

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Matteo Bosi Veteran
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please listen to the new version of this remix

Love the idea. Love the sound. The mixing is good. Love the organ. But. It's too long... And please... SHOOT THE DRUMMER! The AWFUL drumming ruins the whole tune. It's not even bad in that fun/"comic relief" kind of way, it just sucks!
Eek! Woulda been a good idea, but the lead sounds sid2midi, at times horribly out of sync and the mash of tunes doesnt really work well
Ack! When it starts I thought this might work - then those drums come in - what is up with that!
It's out of synch, badly, and even if it's intentionally that way, it doesn't work. Sounds like an early demo that Arctic Monkeys wouldn't have dared put out or they wouldn't have such acclaim they do now.
I actually like this! Very authentic reproduction of the sound of an amateurish, totally screwed life band at a german wedding ceremony 3:00 AM!
Nope... Sorry!:-/
I guess it is supposed to be out of sync... But does not fit...
Yep, sounds like me playing guitar (or hammonds? ) \o/
I guess it's supposed to be jazz-funk, but the nature of the melody makes it sound like fairground music sometimes - doesn't really work. But still it's a funny idea and a fondly created arrangement.
Cheesy fun. I can easily imagine a bunch of grannies dancing in a church hall to this. Brilliant. Do you do wedding and childrens parties?
Mmmm there is something good and something other... Not.
Funny idea but a little too long
I kind of agree with Makke. A bit long and the drummer has a new kit and is trying to use every part of it :o)
Sounds like a rehersal where nobody is in sync.
Not great technic but very enjoiable
The whole idea and sounds (although very GM) etc are good, but at least you could have started with quatizing the drums first and build on that.. Sounds very shakey!
Too many flaws in the playing. Still an "Average" though, for making me smile.:-)
I don't know if this remix is intended to be humorous, but it is :) It is not very tight, and the instruments sound awful, but I still dig it. Cheers!
Argh! Painful.

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