Matteo Bosi - Magical Sound Trio

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Matteo Bosi Veteran
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This one was realized with Garritan Personal Orchestra library.
I had the idea of making a very different rearrangement of this tune. I ilke the outrun theme, and i tried to see how it worked for a string trio making quiet and slow music, almost "sad" in certain points. It is actually my first try to write for such an ensemble... i have to admit that i almost improvised all the aprt on the keyboard, one by one, and at the beginning i had only a vague idea about "how" this should sound...
i have tried to make all the part as "realistic" as possible with a lot of midi editing.
Innovative idea! But it doesn't work imho. Maybe with real instruments it would.
This is really, really good! It even has an emotional content, although I would've prefered more dynamics on the individual instruments. Still, a very good arrangement!
A very nice arrangment. Beautiful on a personal level. But it's no match for big orchestral arrangments or professional live solo performances.
A very different take on an orchestral arrangement, and I like the fact that it's quite minimal as well. It has the emotion and sadness too, and a great feel.
Hubbards orchestra would max this - its ok, but a few notes dont fit and I know they had to be adapted - good idea
It's nice to hear the tune done differently.
I don't like synth orchestras. And this is an example why. The "players" sounds a bit hesitating. Maybe they should get a conductor ;) The last part is pretty ok though.
Its so hard to make a synthetic "orchestra" sound realistic... Nice effort...

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