Matti Paalanen - Spy vs Spy

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Spy vs. Spy was another favourite of mine. Gameplay was fun and the magnificent theme song created a really intense atmosphere. Another must do remix for me. I have to apologize that these first remixes where a bit too rushed, I should have spent more time on them, but I was quite eager to get these done so I just couldn't force myself to hone them that much. And I'm sort of an improviser with compositions too, so it's more like a rush than a process for me.

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Great great great! Just wanted it to be longer
Nice work, this. Plenty of emotion and feel, and even if it's a bit short, it works well. More of the same, please!
Absolutely beautiful!
I've always loved spy vs. Spy. After two beers in the darkness of the night, listening to this suddenly brought me into tears. There's such strong sadeness in the tune - has always been - which this remix catches. Like opening some old channel in brain..
Very nice, due it's too synthi it gets a yellow only ;-)
Beautiful! A wonderful remake of this classic tune.
Sweet but too short. Gimme more!
Oh the sadness! Oh the heavy melancholy! I can't bear it anymore!
Kinda Hanz Zimmery... I like it.
This one transports big feelings, real tragedy! But the sound is too MIDish for my taste.
Very good
Nice to listen seeing my gf

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