Merman - Morpheus (Vangelis mix)

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This is my first remix to make it to RKO... Saw a request by Dan Gillgrass to remix the title tune from Morpheus by Steve Turner, and thought I would give it a go. Weapon of choice - FL Studio.
Nice enough, but the word "Vangelis" raises expectations tremendously, and this remix doesn't really live up to them. The instruments require more analogue vibrancy, the effects have to be adjusted to create a larger atmosphere.
Too high hopes for this one, been waiting for a remix of Morpheus for an age, a little to hard trying to be Vangelis rather than getting the atmosphere and tune intact
I kind of like this tune. The arrangement almost has a LucasArts-game feel over it. That, on the other hand, is also a great weakness, considering most of the sounds feel like early 90s GM MIDI. It misses the Good-vote by inches.
I can hear the vangelis sound, but not the emotion.. Its a rather flat sounding peice and sometimes sounds a little random to me, but its not THAT bad, its a good effort anyway.
The bass sound and the lead don't work together, too much reverb. Interesting instrumentation, though. But WTF does this have to do with Vangelis??? Early works that are unknown to the public?:-)
Need much more improvement, althought idea is solid one. Remove the choirs(? ), and 'Vangelis mix'.
Imho some nice ideas, but lacks on execution.

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