JT In Space (Twolegs Remix)

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Arranged by:
Metal Veteran
Composed by:
Jeroen Tel
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Sorry, but in this track the lead and the c64-bits doesn't fit very well imho.
Cool progessive house remix. Well produced!
Perfect work!
Nice! Think I'm going to borrow that drum loop :)
Trippy! Very well produced, you actually made me like this piece from JT!=)
Metal doing JT! :) Can't go wrong! Great f*cking remix Torben! - p2/HeAtWaVe
Absolutely great stuff, repetitive but never boring.
Yeah, cool, like it very much...!!!!
Nostalgia! I remember this tune from the "Double Density" demo by Ash and Dave. Great version! @Metal: Your best remix ever! Added to my collection.
Just as lovely and awesome!
There is not much variation - but it works pretty well even without that, capturing a feelgood mood. Great work.
Cool man.
How catchy is this? Nicely pitched & funky with a great SID sound.
Great stuff
Excelent work!!!! Torben rocks again! Awesome!!!
Incredible tune, Metal!
Review by balloonhead


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

I listened to this song about 100 Times or even more. Running through my daily playlists every time JT in Space comes up my face takes a smiling position. This track has all that is needed to make a listener happy. Sounds with a nostalgic flare and a modern rhythm with a bodytouching beat. I think you cannot listen to often to this track.