Michael Briel - Lightforce (98 mix)

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This track was (as the name suggests) done back in '98...

Lightforce allways was one of my personal favourites amongst Rob Hubbard's tunes, even though he himself doesn't seem to like it to much...

In this approach I tried two things and (IMHO) even managed to get them right:

First of all I wanted the remix to stay relative close to the original, so no wild techno-beats or some cool samples were added. I also programmed a nice sawtooth sound on my Roland Juno 2 that sounds pretty close to some original sid tunes (actually I got asked several times if I used original C64 samples in this track)...

The second target was to enhance the Jarre Feeling I had when listening to the original, so - of course - there's heavy phasing going on with them Wavestation-Strings as well as with the percussion that I defenitely like and that probaply will end up in any newer version I might do in the future... Enjoy!

My special thanks and respect go to Chris Abbod (www.c64audio.com) who, by simply creating his page, not only had me starting to work at Lightforce in the first place, he also helped me out with some midi data for the synth solo that I got wrong in my initial version... 😊 Thanks, dude! 😊
One of the first Lightforce remixes I've ever heard! Brings back the good old days! Added to my collection.
Rather bland.
Quiet, throbbing, nocturnal, classy version of this masterpiece.

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