Mitch van Hayden - Dying High (in a classical way)

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A Jeroen Tel tune that I didn't know? ! With shame I must admit that I tend to rank remixes of sids that I know higher than the unknown ones, so I guess that makes this smiley even bigger. I can't wait to hear more from you mr. Van Hayden.
Nice! It really begins to sound good when the drums come in!
Just average to me, sorry. You can do better, I know!
Great arrangement, but synthesised strings on top of "Phil Collins" rock drums just sound cheesy to me.
Awesome arrangement. Mixing could be better, though...
Very great and just perfect. Thank you for this awesome song.
I like the original and I like the idea in the remix but I really gets annoyed when the notes aren't correct in the melody... Sorry... Still good..
New Name = New Style? :) Good Stuff! But: Alle haben irgendwie Recht ;) Deshalb nehm ick die goldene Mitte (mit Tendenz zum Guten).
To bad that there is no variation in the drums.
You've nailed the classical pop style that Italians can do so well. Minor problems remain in the instrumentation and mixing, but that's about it.
Extra kudos for the surprise with the drums! Mike Tyson would love this. :-) The synth orchestra sounds as real as it can, but of course not comparable with the C64 orchestra or Symphonic Shades!
Castlevania style.
Very nice Track. Tolles Werk ;)
I'll make it short: this is outstanding! Could be the score for a movie.
+1 with brix
Jeroen Tel did the original track for a game we made that sadly never really say the light of day at the time. You can get it from gtw64. Co. Uk now though!

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