Mitch van Hayden - Last Ninja 2 [Central Park] (Orchestral Shuriken)

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One of the best Last Ninja Remixes for me. Very good asian instruments. They match very well with this orchestral setting. Well Done.
Unusual Arrangement but very cool and nice. In this way, this Tune was never remixed before. Well Done.
Very good
That intro - every LN remix should start the same way! I could nitpick this remix over the subtleties of orchestration, but the overall cinematic feel is totally captivating. Quite a tour de force!
This has to be one the best Central Park remixes. For such a central piece in the soundtrack you'd wonder why it hasn't been done like this before. Wonderful orchestration and arrangement. You can picture this as a score in an Action Eastern. Brilliant.
Awesome and powerful orchestration!
That is what you remixers are supposed to do with those old melodies!
It isn't often you come across a mix of a song so well known that is different to most mixes that came before it. This is one of those remixes. Simply put.... It is brilliant.
Creative stuff!
Plastic orchestra!
Respect! Where you watching Jean-Claude Van Damme vs. Last Ninja feat. Budokan whilst producing!?? :D
Best Last Ninja remix.

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