Mixer - Anal-ogue (to the higher state)

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Mixer Veteran
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Søren 'Jeff' Lund
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Jeff, is one of the C-64 sound-geniuses. I was stunned when I first heard the Analogue C-64 version. Very impressive tweaking of the sid chip.

I took the Analogue as a challenge and I developed a different working method for that, to get most of the details correct. It included sampling the 3 sid voices and cut'n'paste separation of each sound click and snap to it's their audio tracks.

Then I begun replacing the audiotracks with Midi-synth sounds and a lot of cc-messages to control the synth sound to get similar feel to the sound as in the original. This was not very creative part, and was basicly just work to be done. However, it made it possible to get the best original arrangement, including sound-tweaks. Midi converters wouldn't have worked on that tune at all I think.

That really took a while to do. Then I worked on the drumtracks,re-arranged some parts and tweaked the synth sounds for maximum madness, After that I selected even more improved sounds, changed Jeffs delay tricks to actual effects and that kind of thing.

I also got some feedback from Jeff himself.

All work was done in Cubase VST with VST synths and effects.
Absolutely bloody f'ing marvelous.. Seeing a huge resurgence now.. And deservedly sooooo!
I expect Søren to be proud of being reworked this way by a C64-colleague. His work benefitted from what you did with it.
I absolutely love the synth sounds in this, most likely not everyones cup of tea but a great remix overall!
The arranger deserves his name, the mixing job is extremely well done! Breakbeat (or do I have to say: Jungle? ) at its finest!
Whoever loves the original SID by Jeff, will love this too!
Whoa, how could I possibly have missed Mixer. It pays to listen to Slay I recon :)
I LOVE the original but this one is even better!!!! Sounds almost like The Prodigy
THATS my kind of poison - has me instantly flying through the room!<3
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Like Mixer said, Soren Lund is a genious when it comes to C64 Composing. I'll also say that I've known Soren now for nearly 10 years, and even though I've never had the pleasure of actually meeting (and boozing hehe) with him, he is one of the greatest composers / programmers I've ever known on the C64 scene (for people that didn't know, he wrote his own code to play and edit his c64 tunes as well, which a lot of ppl don't do these days).

Now, on to Mixer's cover of this great track. I've known Mixer for a little while now (gotta love IRC hehe) and has always had my respect for his musical efforts on c64 aswell. But, this cover of what is one of the hardest hitting c64 tracks has left me stunned.

Even though the track does seem to go a little longer than what is needed, it not only sounds great on a surround system, but it's a good example of how a Dance / Techno styled tune on C64 can be taken to "the higher state" (in this case Cubase) and blow you away.

Damn good job you've done here Mixer, I'm proud of you