Mongo Erectus - Lightforce

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Rob Hubbard
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Bit long for it's own good and some dodgy choices of instruments but sparks of imagination put this one a little head of the rest
The beginning threw me a bit off, but it quickly turned out to be another distortion-fest. Only this time around it wasn't just meh, but worked out VERY well. Very good one. Ok, a bit long, but it sure is not boring.
Red face from me! Its great I like your style so much :) your panther and this are the best from you.
Interesting minimalistic approach, but it just doesn't do it for me. Neither the arrangement, nor the instrument set is to my liking.
You got this cool metal beat that reminds me of T2 happening in the background but the rest of the instrument choices just don't fit.. Keep the beat, the lead it should not be overshadowed, the lead in lightforce is the best part of the song.
Nicely done.
Different approach! Very simplistic, very electro! Nice one!
Very much Mongo Erectus, and one of the better ones as well!
An interesting vision of the original. It's alright despite the fact that my ears want to hear something else. On the other hand, so many good and fresh ideas in it. You're a pretty good composer, doing your own stuff.
Nope! Not my kind of (re)mixing here! It also seems to clip a lot overall. Sorry...
It's very nice, but some synths could be changed (1:36 synth).
I am fast becoming a mongo erectus devotee. This one is another cool sounding effort!
With the right context, lets say a documentetion film about deep sea fishes, this should work out very well, but for pure listening it's a bit too slow and heavy.

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