Monty - Druid (Magic Golem Dance)

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Druid (Magic Golem Dance)
Arranged by:
Monty Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
David M. Hanlon
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Used to play this cool game back in the days with my brother.
He was controlling the druid while i was playing the golem whenever it has been created.
Always tried to stay alive and help out as long as i could ;)
So now have fun with the golem dance ;)
Cheers Monty

A bit too eclectic for my taste, but it's a pretty good production.
Really like the soundscape in the tune. Good productuion, mixing and choice of instruments
At first this didnt seem anything special, but now when I listened it again, its great!
People who played the game on C64 will appreciate this one for what it is, good job!
Awesome theme it sounds great but it is completly out of phase (mixed)!
Happy sound and SIDish inside
Nice memories and nice retro-bit sounds.
Simple but just works because of great instrument choices.
Sounds a little thin, and the lead is a bit getting-on-the-nerves. But this remix is nice to listen to anyway.
Too "chippy" in my taste. 8-bit is version is actually better...
Review by K8-bit


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Really nice take on the original, with some gorgeous smooth instrumentation... *except* for the snare from about 1:30 on.. it seems a bit.. out of place.

A pet hate of mine also is the otherwise lovely simple flat-tone lead instrument. I like how it grounds the whole piece in warm-fuzzy 8-bitness.. but I think it sounds awfully cold as it doesent have any vibrato to give it any warmth - I felt much the same towards the from first to last last ninja medley.

Other than that, I loved it