Monty - Tribute To Maniacs Of Noise (Intro)

Track info
Arranged by:
Monty Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Richard Rinn (Deek)
All-Time charts position:
My interest in the tune had started to wane at the end and although not the best thing in the entire world I love the instruments and the way the tune is put together
Nice mood-piece. Don't know the original that well, and only have it a quick listen for comparison. Nice production, though (as Dan said) I tended to lose interest towards the end.
I like this. With a little other instruments this could fit pretty well into a buddha bar/cafe del mar production.
Nice bit of music this, but its not going to set the world alight. It sounds nice but it doesnt do very much.
I really like this piece. Very relaxing in the beginning and I also like the instruments.. Very harmonic arrangement!
Very evocative and old skooled!
The beginning reminds me of Donné's Sweet remix, very promising. But after that it starts disappointing me by its indecision somehow.
Nice and sweet.
Very good one... That synth reminded me to a Kitaro's music.
Lovely ambience in old-skool style.
I say outstanding for one reason - the main synth reminds me of what the sid could produce when used properly. The mixing is excellent - the tune would always be hard to please every one but the work effort is stunning - and thats why im voting this way
Hard to decide... But tend to orange instead of yellow :) very ambient and old-skool, like thiz ;)
Good mix. Tho the loop is somehow weak (for my taste it missed a punchy bd) but very good prod anyway.:)
Nice try, but the mixing could have been a bit better in my opinion. Also some instruments are a bit mis-choosen for my taste.
Nostalgy. Pure nostalgy. Great!
This guy has great feeling!
Really nice...
I like this "cafe del mare" atmosphere. Good work!
Nice, but... And this is a but.. It's a bit too long. If it was edited and cut down a bit it'd get a higher mark from me.
Nice sounds!

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