Moog & Hazel - Acid Jazz (Grand Theft Audio)

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Impressive remix - very complex. A bit too wet and reverby for my taste - I think this needs to be dry and funky :)
Very laid back, funky and organic... Does the SID a lot of justice
A match made in heaven - Moog bringing the live work and Hazel adding his breakbeat goodness!
A very nice effort at remixing this. It's a bit laid back and lounge-esque at first, then the breakbeats kick in. Needs to maybe be a bit more funky, but it gets the job done!
Its close to perfection.
Nicely arranged and cool funky samples; no fault with the mixing, though perhaps 'bouncing it up' a-la Jamiroquai with a dash of a climax here and there would help nicely.
A bit too much reverb, but otherwise a very good funky remix.
Nice breaks, a bit too wet, but captures the original greatly.
Great! Great! GREAT! :-D And with the subtitle here the tune becomes even more legendary as it already got through all this timbashit-thingy! Cool tribute in nice moog-quality (missing the hazel style here a bit! ) to the whole thing though!
Timbaland should be crying about now, you just gone stole his beat! :p.. But seriously this is a great tune and very very well done.. But in all honestly I didnt expect anything less from hazel AND moog.. Match made in heaven right there :)
Funky and sly. This conjures memories of the music from the Goemon series. Smooth.
I mostly agree with the others. Too wet but still quite nice to listen to. I hear Timbaland is gonna sue you ;)
Very good work, but nothing special for my taste..
You beat-biters! Timbaland made this song first! :-) But seriously: Not as well-balanced as the usual moog, a little overloaded, and the main lead doesn't fit somehow. Too much reverb!? Added to my collection anyway.
Great version of this tune..
Really good!
Very very very very very very very very very (just felt like writing alot of verys) good!
Very cool GRG tribute, with much care of detail and feel.

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