Alibi of Laxity

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Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity)
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Don't you just hate people with talent! Again with a perfectly constructed rendition of a great MoN SID - Moog for Remixer of the YEAR!
Another gorgeous piece by Moog from one of my fave sids, just let down by the fact of it being a little repetitive
Another excellent piece of moog's Vibrants remix series. Great sound picture!
A really nice rendition of the Laxity classic tune. The only reason it doesn't quite hit red is because it's a little repetitive, and isn't that much different from his other works. Nice enough though.
I love the original, even though it's a bit repetitive, which this mix also gets after a while. Nevertheless, a near-perfect rendition of the tune. Moog is on his way to the top...
I have been meaning to remix this tune for sooo long! One of my fav SIDs. Which of course has NOTHING to do with this particular remix, but I just wanted to say that. ;) Not a bad piece this, but not quite the red one.
Very good, but sounds a bit too much like the Amiga demos in the early 90's for my taste...
Another very well produced track!!! We have a new J TEL on the block!!!
More funky goodness from mr moog and still proving to be a real fresh breath into the lungs of the scene.. This guy is gonna go far with talent like this.
Wow that sounds good... Intro reminds me careless whisper ;-)
Very very nice...
Cool one. Very expressive synth soloing! IMO the shuffle beat is a bit too chaotic and does not suit the rhythm feel of the other instruments perfectly.
Oehm, well I guess I should stick the very red face here somewhere! For easy access! Man, another mix, another hit! You easily have beaten Lagerfeldt already! Haha! Is this really true!? PLEASE go on! Pleeeeease!! :-D
This SID is a fave of mine and your mix is amazingly produced, I kinda have to agree with Romeo about the shuffleness being too much of a confusing element though.
Even though I've never heard the original, I love the sounds!
The original SID is wonderful, and this unfortuantely doesn't quite cut it - it's not bad but the rythm section is a bit messy and the lead doesn't take me to heaven like the original did. Patrick Ceuppens remix from 2002 is still the best one so far.
Agony rządzi! :)I found this music on 33th ShaggY's(FATUM)birthday. Nostalgy at maximum. I remember those 90s days, when we sat infront of TV and watched demos hour after hour. :/ Time slips through fingers, we're getting old... Those were good times
I rather enjoy this tune. By far my favorite by moog.
We have a new star here at rko!
Brilliant remix, by the new synthgod MOOG, thx for the music!!!
Wonderful! Right now I'm playing deluxe galaga on my A500 and this remix xD. Very impressive synth lead. The drums would be somewhat better if they were a little bit less complex though.
A wall of moog and I dare you not to tap your feet. But a little to fussy around the back.
Not your best but boy does it relax you - the original sid was stunning - and you managed to meet the expectations - nice work! AGAIN
One man and his music! This guy is blessed.
Funky goodness.
I love the tune and remix quality is superb for me. Thanx!
One of my favorite SIDs remixed excellent!
Don't really dig the funky stuntedness of the music, but otherwise well done.
Highly underrated tune! Sublime percussion, and excellent use of pads! Typical moog. One of his best IMO.

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