Camel Funk

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Arranged by:
Composed by:
Torben Hansen (Metal)
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A seriously funky remix here. Nice choice of instruments and sort of a herbie hancock feel - just not enough varierty is what lets it down
Very well done.
Very true to the original.
Oh this just has Vibrants written all over it!
Really really good! Everything is where it needs to be and nice production either. Could need some more variety though.
This would be perfect for summer bbq chilling out. Well produced and executed, just misses out on a red for being slightly overlong and just not enough in there
Very nice spirit-saving into the 'present day'... :-D Cool funky and styleeee... Yeah! Like that!
I would like to hear the saxophone as a lead instrument, but otherwise really yummy stuff :)
Solid execution, true to the original. Vibrraannttssss!
I always loved your stuff Moog. This doesn't disappoint, tho I'm not a huge funk fan. - Edit: But this tune grows on you. The more I listen to it, the more I like it.
I like the laid back feel of this one. Even if the lead sometimes isn't quite there, it flows along nicely and is very nicely mastered. Excellent stuff.
Right on! About time someone did Metal!;-)
Dunno what to say. Just great! Moog's music is a great enrichment for the scene.
Smooth jamming around. I like that.
How is this not widely regarded as outstanding? If this had come out today it would be way better received I think. Excellent track in every aspect!

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