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Mitch & Dane
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Funky to the max... Once again.
Who is that masked man? These remixes he is producing are just all top class... Reminds me a lot of some of those old Amiga MODs for some reason...
Among the best of Moog's work this, plenty of room for the instruments to breathe and flow nicely, well chosen and produced with emphasis on the funky. Top stuff.
Thought this mix was gonna go down as Moog's worst mix considering the sid, how I was wrong, altho its 1:1 this is so damn good and something Dane would have been proud of, grats Moog you got yourself a red for this
Whoa, this dude definately is up'n'running for the ROTY-award. Excellent production, this one as well...
Groooooovyness-alisation! Uped the vote to a red one after a few listens. Not flawless, but oh so groovy it almost hurts!
Since these remixes remind me too much of the old Amiga mods, they sound a bit dated to me.
Very good stuff! The pad is just a bit cheesy for my taste that's the reason I don't give it a red one. Technically very well produced, though...
This is great I loved Mitch & Dane and this is very well produced, MR MOOG can we have a J Tel next!!!
Very nice sounding, enjoying moog's stuff more and more he sure has a unique sound and is a breath of freshair for the remixing fraternity im sure you all agree..
Cool... Keeps flowing...
Nice one, well executed, but also nothing special about it.
Oh my god...!! MOOG is back!!! Argh!! It's getting harder and harder for me to _not_ rate you ROTY, damn it!!! :-D Still I've two remixes left to judge for this time at least!! Great, great, PERFECT this one indeed is again!! :-D
I can understand the amiga connections, Drax-stylie on steroids but with better production, but still freaking good :)
Amaziong work, really amazing. It is better then VErtigo remix, and Vertigo remix is just awesome!:)
This man knows his synth and sequencer well!
Its just great - Dafunk is right a little cheesy but jesus its almost TOP NOTCH - and deserves a big red one - they do red cheese dont they?
Milk and honey! And cream! Nobody does it like moog does it.
A thick, groovy melody.
Wow thats funky and catchy. Would love to hear such tracks in the charts
Lovely sound. Funky tune.
I love that funky shit!
Still my favourite remix! Insanly funky and captures the original idea 100%

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