moog (Sebastian Bachliñski) - Dry Jam (feat. Pawel Dykowski aka Dykov)

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Wow! This is this year's most impressive tune so far! High-quality moog sound combined with extremely skillful keyboard playing - awesome! Could've sworn Reyn Ouwehand was involved when I first heard this! Added to my collection.
Truly masterful... Perfect arrangement... Just funky... OUTSTANDING!!!
Reminds me of jet set radio, very funky and the organ section is just genius
Nice one! I like that oldschool hammond organ there. A more crisp bass instrument and a slightly more driving bassline (just like in Patrick Hernandez' "Born to be alive") would've been nice on this one.
Overproduced but very funky still! My 9 months old son was crazy about this remix!
Very funky!
It's amazing how much talent we have in the scene these days. Truely awesome remix Sabastian!
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No need to say much about this excellent tune. I wish moog was a member of our band!
Great production but a bit too chop-scratchy for me (even if that might be the theme)
Yeaaaaarh!!! *VERY* funky. I love the guitars, the scratches, the organ, horns... Well, everything. Can't put my finger on anything.
I don't know the C64 track but gotta say this is one of the best produced C64 remixes todate.. Amazing talent - Perfect keys & sounds - and fantastic mixing... Bang on Moog, bang on.....
YESSS! "HE"'s back, duuuudes!! :-D The FUNK(y)-style masta is back! Great mixing and arrangement! Where have you been all the last weeks, pal! :-D
Funk to the cube!
I'm not into this style, but Mr. Bachchchchlinski did a marvelous job!
It's so great to see the awesome C64 composer PRI get some remix recognition, especially when it's as well handled as this one is. Absolutely funky to the max, and I hope Volker gets to hear it!
Mad playing skillz! :D
Dziekuje - Stunning - dont know the polish for that but at least I know thank you
Funky... :D
Funky as hell! Great how the mix stays open! Very well done!!!
Jaws. Trousers. Balls. Everything drops to this!
Yo! I like your all tunes so much! Thank you Master!

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