moog (Sebastian Bachliñski) - Grillette

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Nice piano play very relaxing music :) great
This is an outstanding well done arrangement, but the melody itself is simply not that good in my ears...
"Very good" until about two minutes out. Then it gets outstanding.
Not an easy track to work on, and I think you did a brilliant job!
Not sure what to think about it! High-quality as usual, but nothing really exciting!
Great ideas! Great piano! Great and fresh style! SImply another cool remix! Thanks a lot, Sebastian!! :-D
It doesn't grab me until 4. 31 then it gets old school to my ears. Very clean sound overall.
I am really impressed with your remixes, your lead, bassline & beat are simply brilliant, very easy to enjoy & I appreciate every single background detail you create in your remixes.
Yes, he can... "moog" is a master in sound production finding the suitable instruments and amp. Levels between them. However this time you get a less happy face for a, sorry to say, "YAWN"-composition. Easy forgetable. More of the old "moog", please?!;-)
I have the same opinion like the other listeners that voted a "good". I like it, but not outstanding.
Oh, I'm a sucker for cembalo sounds. But don't let it drift into some those ugly r'n'b regions...
First song from moog I really like, if you take out that scary noice at ~2 min it would be a red smiley
Sounds like a Cirque du Soleil soundtrack. Pretty cool!
First impression: Maddona - Die another day(the begining), but the rest sound like I need of proper tune up, the ambience doen't seem right in some parts, the mood and the soul of the track needs a little tweak, It is so close to be perfect
A classic! EDIT: What? ! I can read between the lines that no one of you (but Metal) heard the original? A CLASSIC! Couldn't be done anyhow else, and this is an awesome rendition, moog!
Spectacular work on a difficult (and great) original. You can very rarely find me in that mood, anyway...;)
Beautiful remix again :) Moog roxx!!!!!!!!

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