moog (Sebastian Bachliñski) - Iron Lord

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A change of style for Moog here, and a good one. Atmospheric baroque sounds makes for pleasant ear-candy.
Very nice version of this sid.. Pleasant on the ears.
Very authentic sounding, I'd imagine this is quite close to what jeroen was thinking in his head when he wrote the original sid
Superb Ye Olde Worlde style, perfect in all areas. Top marks!
Pure, silk, the notes are right, the instruments are sweet - this is excellent! "Just the way it is :)"
Very cute!
You're an universal musical craftsman, sir. Good'un, aye!
Nice to hear different genres! Great work!
Very nice! Always love these medievel-style tunes and this one is just superb!
Have always been fan of medieval music....
Medieval music is not my cup of tea, but your remix is very good!
The sound quality and production are just awesome, moog has some sweet equipment.
Bloody Hell Fire!!!
A la bonne heure! Une mélodie de bel aloi, mon bon Menestrel!
Outstanding original, outstanding remix.
Nice! But I like your funky, jazzy style better.
Hearing the original SID made me appreciate this much more.
What a lovely idea! Excellent!
WOW! Just WOW! I love C64 remixes but this one got me BEFORE I even finish to listening it to the end. Fantastic composition Sebasitian! Forgot to add: Even my wife was impressed with this soundtrack (she knows the original SID tune)
It seems a medieval dance to me. Nice work.
Nice. A bit short and flat.
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Well, the style of the remix is hardly a stretch since Iron Lord itself is a cover of the famous renaissance song 'Pase el agua'. Except here it's rendered in baroque. Ish.

Some of the instruments are a bit too sterile sounding, and I miss the vocals that make this remix pale in comparison to some live renditions. Still, a valiant effort and rather enjoyable.