Rainbow Shuffle

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Arranged by:
Composed by:
Volker Meitz (PRI)
All-Time charts position:
Moog doing what Moog does best - something with jazz and/or swing. Nice combination of sounds and a laid-back style that's easy on the ears.
Hey, this is a very good stuff again.
100% professional in all areas of composition, performing and production.
Pure coolness...
This sounds a bit too Technics keyboard demo for me...
Great playing, man!
Moog back with his signature style - and another laid back funky piece to titillate your ears!
Professional, yes, but also workmanlike in a way. I guess it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that Rainbow swing?
Mooglicious! The Funkiest man in all of Poland, in his element. Instant classic.
Light that pipe up bro! This is one heck of a fine remix! Close to the original, yet expressive! Madster leads.
Great version! And I like the way your leads sound more loose now and less staccato :) cheers!
Ponieważ lubię Clubbing czerwony ryjek!!!
Overall veru nice, but it lacks reverb, way too much. It sounds very "closed" and "cramped". It needs air to breathe :) Especially those main horns. But cool track anyway.
Excellent instrumentation!
Very nice! Added to my collection.
Excellent! This is criminally underrated!

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