Robocop 3000

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Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
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A quite nice rendition of this one. It's hard to compete with Lagerfeldts excellent de facto-version of it. Nice approach anyhow. Good mixing, even though there is a 'Baywatch-feeling' in the background...;)
Yet another brave attempt at a SID that has a "definative" remix. This is actually quite good but you feel yourself reaching for Lagerfeldts version about a minute in - sorry :(
Nice to see another SID composer taking on a remix. Definitely worth a listen to as well, with the piano standing out as a well chosen instrument to counteract all the spacey feeling.
Very good effort, but the mixing is all wrong to get that groove grooving.
Nice, but overly complex, resulting in a muddy mix.
Love the actual spacey ambience behind it all but the lead really bugs the hell out of me. Good attempt tho
You'll have to get up pretty damn early in the morning to beat Lagerfeldts version of this. Nice attempt, but just doesn't get there.
Not quite as good as... But it has a cooler beginning! :) Half-way towards organge.
Nice! Like the original so damn well!! Bad thing is that Lagerfeldt's version had set a so unbelievable HIGH standard for this SID in a remix-version that it's surely quite damn hard to top that one! ;-) Would love to see more people trying on that one!
50% orange... Hmm... The mixing has some flaws...
Dramatic! Nice! But not as good as moog's other stuff. Too XMish, maybe!
I had to come back and listen to Moog's earliers works. Wow... How far he has come! This is nice, but nothing compared to his current quality of work.

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