Street Hawk

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Martin Galway
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OH HECK! Absolutely stunning. Great sounds and feel and a sense of dramatic at times. VERY VERY IMPRESSED - love the fast drum/bass patterns on this too.
BLIMEY! Moog delivers big time on a Jarre feeling masterpeice!!!
Um, what to say, excellente! :D
The guy's from tangerine dream just got into their car, pulled the hosepipe further into the window made sure it was airtight and left the engine running.. They have been bested, absolutely AWESOME.
Very atmospheric remix, I also like the way the lead instrument is done, it keeps the Galway feel to it. I wouldn't say it's the best of moogs remixes, but it's different from the funkier ones and deserves a red nonetheless!
Wow. Bloody great!
Moog, you are the king of the remix scene right now.
Oh man - somehow moog managed to take the original tune and turn its feeling into something completely different, happily falling through all kinds of different worlds, caressed by the wonderful sound her put together in an ever so balanced way.
Very nice atmosphere here. Street Hawk re-runs just started here in Finland again.:)
Jarre is alive. This is one great track for dreaming! Hats off to moog!
At first I was disappointed, that this one is not the usual funky moog-stuff and I didn't lke the orgininal SID either. But I can't stop listen to that remix. So I gave up: another red one to the moogmaster!
He kept some original sample but manage to lost the power from the original Tangerine dream song. Give us back MOOOOG. I didn't understand how this title could be compare to Tangerine Dream or Jarre, sorry
This sounds too close to the original Tangerine Dream tune, except not as powerful. Great remix, great arrangement, great mixing, etc., but the idea is not very original, and it's basically the same tune Street Hawk itself is based on.
I just give it very good cause this sounds too much like Tangerine Dreams original. Good production as allways though :D
He IS back!! :-D Very cool! Sebastian, hope to see _way_ more from you again finally, pal! :-D Great mixing, perfect quality - as always. Only thing for 'only' orange was the different style here. But that's surely absolute personal view of me now!
Nice but flat on expression.
Wonderfull stuff Moog, once again...
Sweet and smooth....
Great as always, Mr. Moog! But I'm missing that extra something for an outstanding.
My fav never released sid and fav tangerine dream tune - my second fav POLE (EWA COUGH) Stunning Matey - Stunning - try it on two pianos next time though! AMAZING MATE
Nice, nothing special... But highly overrated... (as always)...
You know, I like your work because you put a lot atention to background sounds & of course, awesome work.
Beautiful remix this, due to atmosphere, good composition and general listenability (say what?).
It's fine, I guess. A bit bland maybe...
Good nostalgic arr
Nice! Great feel, very atmospheric.
Not the quality I'm used too seeing from mr Moog.
At last! A version of Streethawk that does the original justice - Superb.
Did someone say Tangerine Dream? I think I've had a great dream after listening to this luscious piece.
Yay, this was great. I luuv this song :)
Got goose bumps after just 40 seconds when listening to this for the first time. This is so good, I can hardly type this comment while still listening to this over and over and over and over and over... Added to my collection, of course.
Nice remix on a great 80's show theme
Yep. Me dig it.
Its better than the Tangerine Dream original - maximum respect to Moog!
Tangerine Dream "The Park".... Hmmm...

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