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Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
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SID comes from Krestology demo by Crest (The End part)
Made by Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
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Ooh, now this is nice. Excellent use of piano and string backing to make everything stirring at the start which draws you in. The lead when the drum kicks in is a bit of a letdown compared to that, albeit still good. Very nice effort though.
Gorgeous piano and sweeping strings, just not as epic as I thought it was gonna be from the start
Staggering piano stuff! Played as it should be played. I am very impressed with that! I'm so tempted to give it a red just because I think it's technically brilliant.
Oooh boy, I've been waiting for this for sooo long! :) Top notch moogie, my friend! :D
Excellent remix. Just what a C64 remix should be, a great tune and a brilliant production.
Great sound great strings great melodie. But its sounds a little bit too compressed!;)
Damn, Sebastian you did again. You got pretty close to how I played it on the piano when I composed it ;)... Really nice production aswell... Love the piano and the strings!
Simply great!! Keep it up Moogie...
Is there nothing you cant do moog?
Moog-alization-ness-tastic! What I'm trying to say is well done, moog.;)
Grey, 'cause the lead synth is not good... Also many instruments are not the best choise!
I love this SID.. And the Remix is great too!!!
Moogie Moogie Moogie, sweetly arranged once again!!
The start is very good, though the piano sounds a bit "dry" compared to the rest. Same goes for the middle part. The lead synth and the piano is very "dry" compared to the background comp. Else it's the great new standard moog has set
Strange stuff. I like it.
Overrall good but have to agree with Kjetlin, the lead synth is a needle in the head
Besides the sharp sounding synth this is another lovely mix from the moogster.
Poor choice on instruments -2, much too artificial -1... Even the arrangment is good +1
BRILLIANT! Love it. Even the shrill synth (shrill was the point, surely). This is exactly how I would have remixed this (had I any talent).
Wow, this is groovy and somewhat medieval sounding :-) Lead synth is not in its place (too sharp/artificial, a sinus waveform would sound better IMO) but still a red one for Moog
It's an excellent piano-work but damn that hi-pitch lead sound is irritating me....
Awesome tune and the synth sound at 1:19 rocks, don't listen to them ;)
One word, Brilliant.
Very good intro. A bit too bombastic though. Lack of verb on the lead is weird.
WOW!! This is fantastic, have been listening on a loop all day! One of those tunes that when it is finished you need to hear the start again, and then the middle and end again, so you just play it over and over. AWESOME MOOG!!!
Would have been almost perfect without the weird lead sound later on.
Perfect, catchy tune. Reminds me of Amiga music in the early 90s
Perfect piano play, it feels like im never gonna get tired of this one.
He did it AGAIN!! That piano definitely _rocks_!! The lead is a bit 'special' indeed. Maybe there could be still some enhancements though! V2 release? ;-) But nevertheless. This _is_ a RED one again for sure!
Fantastic, and the lead is IMO perfect for this tune.
A fantastic composition, a fantastic rendition and can I just say- it's bloody FANTASTIC (did I say that already?!)
The lead synth is not a problem for me. I like it. Great piece.
Dadadadadaaaaa I'm loving it...
Wow... Just wow. I'm such a piano fan. To hear it in combination with such non-classical elements is a great experience. Never imagined such a thing. This Remix found its way into my playlist ^^
That piano is just full of emotions - fantastic stuff! I am truly moved by it. The overly thin lead kicking in at 1:19 is a weak point of this remix, but it is more than offset by the emotional content of the rest of it.
Love it!;-)
The strings... Goosebump alert!!!
Great fusion between antique & modern instruments, good melody
Love the arrangement! The piano is great, though sounds a little too artificial. But what's up with the horrific synth sound starting at 1:19, a green smiley for that.. It made the tune unlistenable.
Its ok for a POLAK! LOL Gratuluję - Moog as you see my polish is getting better - this is my fav tune of yours Na Zdrowie
Wow, this is an excellent track. Gives me the chill!
Whenever I get fed up with customers at my work, I just put my voip in to paperwork mode and sit back and listen to this! I love how moogs remixes are of great quality and mixing but still have that oldskool demoscene feel to them!
The r n'b feeling to this track with that special lead is simply awesome.
Great work melodious, well sequenced
Highly overrated - and in my opinion far away from your best remix.
Well arranged, an instant hit!
::thumbs up::
Best song on RKO. Period. Puts you in a certain mood.
Amazing, simply amazing! The best?
Groovey baby!
Romantic arr, great piano and synth. Love it!
Don't know the original, but I love it. More of that, please! Added to my collection.
Great great remix! And also a very nice composition! Superb..
The base the beat the melody are very good
Add good lyrics, a sexy girl with great voice and this one can land in top charts without any change.
This is really a masterpiece!
One of my favorite remixes. Seems not everyone likes the extreme lead, but I think it contrasts perfectly
OML. Guess I gotta go through and rate all your tracks.
Makes me surprisingly very happy!

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